Joseph E. Biben Sales Corp.


Warehouse Capabilities

We are pleased to announce the following improvements made this past year that allow us to maintain our status as the best quality electrical warehouse in the greater Philadelphia area.  These services added are thanks to many of our distributors' and manufacturers' suggestions, and we will continue to add value     as part of our overall sales and operational services.

If you have any general questions, please feel free to contact us below someone will respond within 24 hours.

900 Carpenter's Crossing

Folcroft, PA 19032

Phone: (215) - 985-9400

Fax: (215) - 545 - 0990

Contact Us

*Order confirmation by e-mail with acknowledgement and expected ship date on orders and backorders to customer

*Same day tracking/pro number sent by e-mail by close of business-same day

*Automatic e-mail notification upon delivery of LTL shipments (i.e. a distributor or manufacturer needs to be notified after the material is delivered, this gives the date, time and signature of the recipient

*Freight consolidation and cross-docking capabilities

*Over 120,000 pounds average shipped and received daily

*EDI capable

*E-mail inventory status reports

*Special e-mail capacity for distributors allowing them access to our inventory on a daily basis

*Accuracy: our last major inventory of over $1,250,000 had a total of under $1,100 disputed or an accuracy rate of better than 99.12%. This manufacturer said this was the best inventory they had on record.

This mission of our warehouse (Biben Warehousing Systems) is dedicated to receiving, storing, and distributing our customers' products to their exact requirements and instructions.

To carry out this mission, we choose to develop and promote the following values in our business:

*A sense of concern and responsibility for the environment and safety of our fellows associates

The products in our warehouse are intended only          for stocking distributors for those products and manufacturers. It is not the intention of our warehouse to ship or allow pickups for non-stocking distributors of those manufacturers we represent.  

If we are inventorying product for a manufacturer we do not represent, we will follow that manufacturer's policies.

Stocking Distributors that want to pick up material between stock orders can do so.  The stipulation is that non-emergency orders be placed by 10:00 on the day  they are to be picked up.  This will allow us to have the  order ready for the drivers when tehy arrive rather than to have them wait as the order is selected.

*All orders received by 2:00 in the afternoon have guaranteed same day shipment

*60,000 Square foot warehouse with 40 foot ceilings and OSHA approved racking and a bulk storage area

*2002 OSHA approved warehouse employee training and fork  lift program and manual

*2 fork-lifts with maximum capacity of 5,000 pounds

* All orders double checked at order entry; checked 2 times after being packaged for shipment in warehouse prior to giving to the carrier's driver

*A spirit of cooperation and teamwork with sales, order processing, operations and MIS departments to achieve the highest levels of customer service.

*An acknowledgement that our people are the company's greatest assets

* A dedication to using Biben Continuous Improvement Process to enhance all lines of communication throughout the organization.