Delta Breez – Air Mover

The Delta Breez Air Mover (AMR1200) is a powerful and quiet air mover that offers a range of benefits for a variety of applications. With a high-efficiency brushless DC motor, the AMR1200 provides energy savings of up to 70% compared to similar products with AC motors. In addition, the AMR1200 is super quiet, with a noise level of just 55 dB-A at high speed.

The AMR1200 also features a digital control panel with an LED display that allows users to control three speeds, a timer function, and a continuous time counter of up to 99 hours. The patented dual blade design creates an airflow stream up to 32ft, and the low 1.4Amp draw allows for up to eight units to be daisy-chained with two receptacles on a 15A circuit breaker.

One of the best things about the Delta Breez Air Mover is its versatility. It can be used for a wide range of applications, including drying floors, carpets, ceilings, walls, or simply improve indoor air circulation in bathrooms, garages, basements, workspaces, exhibition halls, supermarkets, and theaters. Plus, it can be positioned at three different angles (0°, 45°, 90°) to provide maximum drying power right where it is needed.

Another benefit of the Delta Breez Air Mover is its lightweight design. At just 12.4lbs, the air mover is easy to carry, and the arc-shaped handle and balanced center of gravity make it even easier to transport. Plus, the AMR1200 is stackable up to four units high for easy storage.

Read more on this new innovative product on Delta’s website, or contact your Biben Sales associate in WV, PA, Southern NJ, and DE to learn more.