Cost Saving Solution

Biben Sales offers an array of products that were specifically designed to save material costs and/or hours on the jobsite.

Unlocking the Potential of RONK’s Rotary Phase Converters

Introduction to Rotary Phase Converters In the realm of electrical solutions, rotary phase converters play a pivotal role in facilitating the operation of three-phase equipment from a single-phase power supply. Among these converters, ROTO-CON® and ROTOVERTER® stand out as premier offerings, embodying a legacy of reliability and performance. Understanding ROTO-CON® and ROTOVERTER® At its core,

Clear Vu – Flex Site Lighting

Clear-Vu Lighting’s Flex Sight Lighting System is a cutting-edge solution for businesses looking to improve their lighting capabilities while saving money and energy. The system is comprised of several innovative components, including LED lights, occupancy sensors, and a control system that allows for remote management and monitoring. The Flex Sight Lighting System is designed to

ABB – Kindorf Strut System

ABB Kindorf strut system is a modular strut system that offers a versatile solution for both distributors and contractors looking to save time and money. The system comprises various components that can be easily assembled and reconfigured to suit different applications, making it a unique and valuable product in the market. One of the most

Delta Breez – Air Mover

The Delta Breez Air Mover (AMR1200) is a powerful and quiet air mover that offers a range of benefits for a variety of applications. With a high-efficiency brushless DC motor, the AMR1200 provides energy savings of up to 70% compared to similar products with AC motors. In addition, the AMR1200 is super quiet, with a

Keystone – Area Lights with Optic Swap

Keystone’s Area Lights with OpticSwap are designed to be a game-changing solution for distributors and contractors in the lighting industry. The OpticSwap feature allows for tool-free swapping of optic lenses, making it incredibly easy and convenient to adjust the lighting in any environment. Below are some of the features and benefits of Keystone’s Area Lights

Leviton – Decora Edge Wiring Devices

Coming Soon to Electrical Distribution Channel! The Leviton Decora Edge wiring devices line offers a new, easier-to-install, safer design that provides the classic appearance and superior performance of Leviton Decora devices. The new Decora Edge line includes single pole and 3-way switches and a tamper-resistant 15-amp duplex receptacle, all designed to save you time and

RONK – Powertron Tap Boxes

As businesses and industries become more reliant on electricity, having reliable power sources is critical. Power outages can cause costly downtime and potentially put lives in danger. To prevent these issues, it’s essential to have a backup power source ready to go at all times. That’s where RONK’s Powertron Tap Box comes in. RONK’s Powertron

NJ Sullivan – Bolted Pressure Switch

NJ Sullivan’s Bolted Pressure Switch is a custom metal fabricated electrical product that is designed to meet the specific needs of customers. The switch is recommended for use in service entrance switchgear, and where there may be high available fault current. It features cabinets that are constructed of 12 Gauge galvanized steel, with all joints

Chalfant – starQuick Conduit and Cable Straps

Chalfant’s starQuick Conduit Straps are a reliable and time-saving solution for electrical and mechanical installations on walls and ceilings. The patented Snap-Lock automatic closure system allows for easy and secure installation without the need for any tools. The straps are made from UV stable and weather-resistant polyamide nylon, making them suitable for both indoor and

Chalfant – GR Magic Self-Connecting Cable Tray

GR-Magic cable tray from Chalfant Manufacturing Company is a patented self-connecting wire mesh tray solution that saves time on every job! This innovative wire mesh cable with “magic” ends allows installers to connect tray lengths in a single snap creating a strong, secure joint while eliminating excess tools and hardware. Additionally, GR-Magic cable tray meets

Service Wire – Serviceplex

ServicePlex offers a reported 50% to 70% labour savings when pulling wire through conduit or trays. Manufactured by twisting (or “plexing”) multiple conductors together, ServicePlex effectively functions as a single cable. The result: quicker, easier installation, less on-site storage, and reduced scrap. Additional benefits include: • factory tested to ensure optimum performance • lower coefficient

ABB – Bullet® Quick connect™ liquidtight fittings

Engineered to meet the demand for a tough, reusable, non-metallic liquidtight fitting The Bullet® Quick connect™, allows for the fast and effective installation of the fitting into a box or panel without access to the inside of the enclosure, greatly speeding up the process! The speed and ease of installation, thanks to its swivel mechanism

Leviton – Decora Smart Wire Free Anywhere Switch

Anywhere Dimmer and Switch Companions are easy to install with no wiring required. They pair with Decora Smart Wi-Fi® 2nd Gen Dimmers, Switches and Mini Plug-ins to add lighting control where you need – a staircase, hallway, open areas with multiple entrances or to control a lamp from a wall switch. Save time and money on labor