ABB – Bullet® Quick connect™ liquidtight fittings

Engineered to meet the demand for a tough, reusable, non-metallic liquidtight fitting

The Bullet® Quick connect™, allows for the fast and effective installation of the fitting into a box or panel without access to the inside of the enclosure, greatly speeding up the process!
The speed and ease of installation, thanks to its swivel mechanism and the built-in nylon locking mechanism, makes the Bullet Quick-Connect fitting an ideal candidate for panel builders and volume installers, as the ease of installation comes with no reduction in performance.

Features & benefits:

  • Single-piece fitting (no locknut required)
  • Quick and easy installation without access to the inside
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Connector assembles to conduit without disassembly
  • Provides a double sealing action
  • Swivel mechanism allows for a fast and easy installation
  • Elongated gland nut profile designed to provide additional strain relief for 90° pull and an easy hand grip
  • Connector ferrule designed to accept variations in conduit inside diameter and is tolerant of field conduit cuts
  • Meets industry standards for cold impact


  • Designed to provide a liquidtight seal when terminating liquidtight nonmetallic conduit (UL Type B) to a box.
  • Ideal for panel builders and volume installers

Construction / Material / Finish:

  • Body Gland: Weather stabilized thermoplastic
  • Friction washer
  • Material Flammability rating: UL94-V2