Illuminate Your Home with Consistency: Keystone’s LED Wafer Downlight Retrofit

When it comes to upgrading your home lighting, consistency is key. In many residential applications, new wafer lights installed in the ceiling don’t always match the aesthetic of existing fixtures, such as recessed can lights with lamps. That’s where Keystone’s LED Wafer Downlight Retrofit shines – quite literally.

Consistent Aesthetic, Effortless Integration: Keystone’s Wafer Downlight Retrofit boasts the same sleek aesthetic as new construction wafers, ensuring a seamless look throughout your home. Whether you’re updating the lighting in your kitchen, bedroom, or living room, these retrofit solutions blend effortlessly with modern décor, creating a cohesive visual appeal that’s sure to impress. For best results, pair with Keystone’s Circa Series Wafers for a seamless look throughout your home.

Efficiency Meets Elegance: Beyond its aesthetic harmony, the Aviva Wafer offers efficiency and elegance in equal measure. Designed for easy installation, these retrofit fixtures allow you to upgrade your lighting with minimal effort. Simply attach the quick-disconnect E26 base adapter to the existing can light socket, affix the LED retrofit trim fixture, and voila – you’ve elevated the ambiance of your space with style and sophistication.

Customizable Lighting Options: With Keystone’s Power and Color Select technology, you’re in control of your lighting experience. Choose from multiple power outputs and color temperatures to suit your mood, activity, or design preferences. Whether you prefer warm, inviting lighting for intimate gatherings or cool, crisp illumination for focused tasks, the options are endless – and entirely customizable.

Versatile Solution for Every Room: From cozy bedrooms to bustling kitchens, the Aviva Wafer is the versatile lighting solution your home deserves. With its adaptable design and customizable features, this retrofit fixture seamlessly integrates into any space, providing consistent illumination and a touch of modern elegance wherever it’s installed.

Upgrade Your Home Lighting with Confidence: Say goodbye to mismatched fixtures and hello to a cohesive lighting design with Keystone’s LED Wafer Downlight Retrofit. Enhance the look and feel of your home with consistent aesthetics, customizable lighting options, and effortless installation. Illuminate your space with confidence and style.

Dial up your Biben Salesperson in East PA, South NJ, or DE for a  product demo, or visit the Keystone website to see all their entire downlight offering. Rather do a hands on evaluation? Request a Free Sample directly from Keystone.