About Us

Biben Sales strives to market the best quality electrical manufacturers jointly with distributors, joining them as determined and dedicated associates for the purpose of distributing our products to targeted users in the marketplace. We utilize these aligned partnerships leading end consumers to a better customer experience through a local expertise with personalized services.


William F. Solomon

Biben Sales was founded in 1958 by Joseph E Biben. In 1975, Gene Biben joined his father and took over the company shortly thereafter. For the next 4+ decades, Gene and his wife Christine added geography and guided the agency to become one of the strongest in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Gene and Christine’s son-in-law Bill Solomon joined the agency in 2012. He, along with now Vice President Chris Transue, have directed the agency since 2016. Bill and Chris have a talented team that encompasses the same core values in which the company was founded back in 1958.

Our Core Values

Be Nice

1. Be respectful, appreciative, and positive
2. Have fun, be of good humor
3. Create a positive workspace and build strong relationships
4. Be humble and professional through words and actions

Grow Yourself And Others

1. Be open-minded to new ideas
2. Be eager to learn and teach
3. Be proactive at initiating continuous improvement in processes, self, and others

Take Initiative

1. Find new and creative ways to help our customers and partners
2. Take on new challenges, be adaptable
3. Strive to become the subject matter expert in our field

Serve Others Well

1. Fully engage in serving customers; internal and external
2. Do what is best for company, customers, and staff
3. Practice fanatical attention to detail
4. Take joy in service well-delivered
5. Find a way to say “yes” to customers daily

Be A Good Teammate

1. Communicate honestly and directly
2. Follow through, get it done, and get great results
3. Be helpful; offer solutions, not problems
4. Be enthusiastic with a “can do” attitude

Be Loyal

1. Work collaboratively with customers, partners, and staff
2. Cultivate long term, mutually beneficial relationships
3. Always “do the right thing”

Our Services

Solution Selling

We focus on solving issues and pain points by providing products and services needed to keep your projects moving without delay

Design Build

We work directly with our customers on the design and specification of products on their projects. Partnering with Biben Sales will save you time and money with the innovation and collaboration we offer from start to finish.

Project Management

We are here to support the needs of the projects and to help you achieve your goals within the given time constraints. Over services range from the following: submittals, delivery schedules, job site visits, warranties, credit approval, invoicing, and labor-saving solutions


Precisely identify products the outline the key requirements for new construction, retrofit, TI, or design build applications. This service covers all electrical and lighting needs.


Our team provides professional advice, analysis, and recommendations that address the needs or underlying business problems

Technical Support

Solve customer’s pain points by providing technical advice for their products and services