Service Wire – Serviceplex

ServicePlex offers a reported 50% to 70% labour savings when pulling wire through conduit or trays. Manufactured by twisting (or “plexing”) multiple conductors together, ServicePlex effectively functions as a single cable. The result: quicker, easier installation, less on-site storage, and reduced scrap.

Additional benefits include:

  • • factory tested to ensure optimum performance
  • • lower coefficient of friction and lower sidewall pressure
  • • reduced damage potential
  • • offered in a full range of true colors for easier phase identification
  • • available with optional built-in ground
  • • available #14-750MCM, any configuration
  • • available with small minimums and quick lead times

In addition to the labor savings, a cost savings can be realized against tray cables. Service Wire XHHW-2 singles are tray rated for sizes 1/0 and larger. For any application using large diameter tray cable, simply upsize the ground to 1/0, twist the cables with Serviceplex, and have a finished product that is CT rated!


Download ServicePlexBrochure


Read more on Service Wire’s website or contact your Biben Sales associate in Eastern PA, Southern NJ, or DE for a demo and more information.