Keystone – Sports Lighter

Introducing another great innovation from Keystone. The Keystone Sports Lighter: Powerful Lighting Solutions for Sports Venues

When it comes to illuminating sports venues with precision and performance, the Keystone Sports Lighter stands out as the go-to solution. Designed for stadiums, driving ranges, municipal parks, and other locations with high pole illumination needs, this powerful fixture delivers exceptional lighting quality and flexibility. Let’s dive into the benefits, features, available options, and differentiating factors of the Keystone Sports Lighter.


  1. Maximum Performance: The Keystone Sports Lighter ensures optimal lighting conditions for sports activities with its precision-crafted optics. It offers uniform and proper lighting distribution, enabling players and spectators to see clearly and participate at their best.
  2. Easy Installation and Maintenance: With the Sports Lighter’s remote driver capability, installation and maintenance become hassle-free. The driver can be mounted separately in the pole base cabinet, allowing for flexible on-site placement and lower EPA wind ratings. Accessing and replacing the driver is a breeze, eliminating the need for lift equipment and reducing downtime.
  3. Versatile Application: This fixture is designed for various sports venues, including stadiums, driving ranges, municipal parks, and more. Its adaptability makes it an ideal choice for illuminating large outdoor areas with high pole installations.


  1. Durable Construction: The Sports Lighter features a heavy-duty die-cast aluminum housing in a sleek gray finish. Not only does it provide a modern aesthetic, but it is also optimized for HID replacement needs, ensuring longevity and durability.
  2. Optics for Precise Lighting: The precision-crafted optics of the Sports Lighter guarantee uniform and proper lighting distribution. It offers multiple beam angle options, including a standard 30°, as well as optional 20° and 40° angles, allowing you to customize the lighting coverage based on your specific requirements.
  3. Enhanced Functionality: The Sports Lighter comes with essential features to meet your lighting demands. It includes a glare shield for improved visual comfort, a shorting cap, and an integrated NEMA/ANSI C136.41 7-pin twist-lock receptacle.
  4. In addition to its exceptional lighting capabilities, the Keystone Sports Lighter offers an optional accessory that takes precision to the next level. With the fixture-mountable laser accessory (KT-SLFLED-LASER-G), you can achieve precise positioning and aiming of the light beam. This laser accessory enhances the installation process by providing a visual guide for accurate fixture placement, ensuring optimal lighting coverage for your sports venue.

Differentiating Factors:

  1. Remote Mounting Capability: The Sports Lighter sets itself apart from the competition with its remote mounting capability. By separating the driver from the fixture, it offers greater flexibility in installation and maintenance. This innovative feature reduces complexity and streamlines the servicing process.
  2. Complimentary Lighting Layouts: Keystone and Biben Sales go the extra mile by providing free lighting layout services. Our team of lighting designers will create custom lighting layouts for your specific application, ensuring that the correct number of fixtures are placed in precise locations to achieve optimal illumination.

Available Options:

The Keystone Sports Lighter offers a range of options to suit your lighting needs. It is available in 500W with 70,000 lumens and 750W with 105,000 lumens. You can choose from multiple lens options, including the standard 30° beam angle, as well as optional 20° and 40° angles. The fixture supports voltage inputs of 120-277V and 277V-480V, providing flexibility for various installation requirements.

Experience the Keystone Difference:

Keystone takes pride in providing exceptional customer service and industry-leading solutions. When you choose the Keystone Sports Lighter, you gain access to a team dedicated to your success. From fast quotes and quick delivery to friendly customer service and U.S.-based operations, Keystone ensures a seamless experience from start to finish.

Illuminate your sports venue with the power, performance, and flexibility of the Keystone Sports Lighter. Contact the Biben Sales team in Eastern PA, Southern NJ, and DE to learn more and bring your sports lighting to new heights.