Mary Moran

Mary Moran is a dedicated professional with an unwavering passion for her work and the joys of motherhood. She's invested over a decade in the electrical industry, and has been an integral part of Joseph E. Biben Sales Corp since 2016. Her role involves managing logistics in Biben's warehouse, ensuring seamless inventory management, order processing, handling returns, and overseeing billing and invoicing. She's also adept at building relationships with manufacturers, assisting customers in opening new accounts, and providing top-notch product support. Beyond her professional life, Mary is a loving mother to a 13-year-old daughter, a constant source of inspiration. Her close-knit family background instills values of hard work and perseverance, principles she imparts to her daughter. Mary's approach to life and work is characterized by friendliness and a positive outlook. She's a firm believer in finding silver linings and maintaining a positive attitude.