ABB – Blackjack® Grounding Bushings

With ABB BlackJack grounding bushings, you get bonding and grounding peace of mind with a reduced number of SKUs and lower installed cost. They are the ideal grounding solution for threaded or threadless RMC or IMC. Some of the key features are below:

  1. Grounding and bonding — Lug is integral to the body for peace of mind that your bond and ground are good.
  2. SKU reduction — With Blackjack grounding bushings, a single SKU is can be used with threaded conduit, threadless conduit, 150 °C copper wire and aluminum wire. Others require a different SKU for each type, requiring up to 150 different catalog numbers vs. only 21 catalog numbers with Blackjack grounding bushings.
  3. Ease of installation — No need to thread the bushing on the conduit. Simply put in place.
  4. Stainless steel hardware vs. galvanized screws for corrosion resistance.
  5. Engineered for protection – The insulator is dipped like a donut. Nice round edges produce an easy glide with minimal risk of skinning the wires.

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