ABB – OCal Corrosion Resistant Cable Protection System

When it comes to electrical systems, one of the biggest concerns is the potential for corrosion to cause damage and reduce the lifespan of the system. The OCal system features a highly durable PVC coating to provides exceptional protection, making it an ideal choice for harsh and corrosive environments. This coating is engineered to be tough enough to withstand even the most demanding conditions, ensuring long-lasting protection for your electrical system.

OCal features a unique 3-layer PVC coating that provides superior corrosion resistance, ensuring that the conduit is protected against the elements and other environmental factors. This coating is not only resistant to rust and corrosion, but also to abrasion and impact damage, ensuring that the conduit maintains its structural integrity and electrical performance over time.

One of the most key benefits of ABB’s OCal system is its this highly engineered protection, especially at the connections between two pieces of PVC coated conduits or fittings. The connection points are the most susceptible to ingress in any PVC coated application, and ABB manufactures using a unique process to provide best in class protection:

  1. Raw steel shell is cut, threaded, and prepared for hot dip galvanizing process. Threading first guarantees the protection of the following steps to apply to each connection points of the conduit system
  2. The threaded shell is immersed in a molten zinc bath, allowing the zinc to penetrate the steel and provide the best possible protection
  3. 2 mils of blue urethane is applied to the inside of the conduit and the threads of each conduit. The smooth interior of the conduit ensures a low-friction pull, allowing for easy wire installation
  4. After priming, the conduit is heated and rolled through liquid plastisol to achieve complete coverage of 40 mils of protection
  5. PVC coating is applied to the exterior of the conduit with overlapping sleeves to guarantee protection with vapor- and moisture-tight seal at every connection

The result is a secure and reliable connection that protects against the risk of electrical failure or other environmental problems.

Overall, ABB’s OCal system offers a high level of protection and reliability for electrical installations, particularly in harsh or corrosive environments. Its unique design and features make it a top choicefor many professionals in the electrical industry who prioritize safety, durability, and long-term performance in their installations.

Find further information in ABB’s OCAL Catalog, or contact your Biben Sales associate in Eastern PA, Southern NJ, DE, MD, DC, or Northern VA to learn how you can become a Certified OCal Installer, and enjoy extended warranty on installed systems.