ABB Sta-Kon’s Dragon Tooth Insulated Piercing Connectors for Magnet Wire Connections

In the intricate world of electrical motor and transformer manufacturing, one critical challenge stands out: terminating magnet wire. The robust insulation on magnet wire poses significant obstacles in splicing and terminating processes, making traditional methods costly, time-consuming, and hazardous. Moreover, the use of aluminum for magnet applications exacerbates the complexity due to the disparities in material properties.

Introducing Dragon Tooth, ABB’s groundbreaking solution to revolutionize magnet wire connections. These insulation-piercing connectors eliminate the need for welding, stripping insulation, or other cumbersome joining techniques. With Dragon Tooth, a reliable and efficient connection can be achieved in seconds, without requiring specialized operator skills.

Key Features:

  1. Effortless Installation: Dragon Tooth connectors can be installed in seconds, significantly reducing downtime and labor costs.
  2. Versatility: Designed to splice, tap, and terminate both copper and aluminum magnet wire, Dragon Tooth connectors cater to a wide range of motor and transformer applications.
  3. Permanent Connection: The connectors create a gas-tight, permanent connection with exceptionally low contact resistance, ensuring long-term reliability.
  4. Durable Construction: Made of copper alloy and tin-plated, Dragon Tooth connectors boast a sturdy build, capable of withstanding harsh operating conditions.
  5. Enhanced Safety: By eliminating the need for insulation removal and other hazardous techniques, Dragon Tooth connectors prioritize operator safety and environmental protection.

Typical Applications:

  • Motor and Transformer Manufacturing
  • Electrical Equipment Maintenance and Repair
  • Industrial Automation Systems
  • Renewable Energy Installations

Dragon Tooth connectors are engineered to penetrate insulation and oxide layers, establishing a secure electrical contact without compromising conductor integrity. Their unique design transforms perpendicular compression force into distributive forces, effectively resisting cold flow and ensuring optimal performance over the connection’s lifespan.

With open-sided splices and taps, Dragon Tooth connectors facilitate easy access to wires, enabling seamless internal coil tapping and mid-span connections. From ring terminals to fork terminals, Dragon Tooth® connectors accommodate a wide range of wire sizes and configurations, making them the go-to choice for diverse magnet wire applications.

At ABB, innovation meets reliability, and Dragon Tooth® connectors exemplify this ethos. Experience the future of magnet wire connections with ABB’s Dragontooth Sta-Kon Connectors and unlock unparalleled efficiency, safety, and performance in your electrical projects. Contact your Biben Sales representative in East PA, South NJ, DE, MD, DC, or Northern VA for more information about how Dragon Tooth fittings can help on your next project.