ABB – Ty-Rap® TyGenic™ cable ties

In response to the needs of customers in food and beverage processing, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and other contamination-sensitive industries, ABB introduces the industry’s first two-piece cable tie that is both antimicrobial and detectable.

Ty-Rap® TyGenic™ antimicrobial detectable cable ties are molded from an FDA-compliant, silver-free, proprietary nylon resin blend to inhibit the growth of micro-organisms, such as various bacteria, fungus and mold, on their surface. Cable ties molded from ABB’s proprietary blend have been verified more than 99% effective in prohibiting common surface microbes from forming on the cable tie in independent laboratory tests in accordance with ISO22196.

The detectable particles in Ty-Rap TyGenic antimicrobial detectable cable ties help ensure that cable ties won’t end up in product and remain undetected.

Metal detection — Having been tested and verified to meet or exceed the detection of a 1.5 mm ferrous sphere, Ty-Rap TyGenic antimicrobial detectable cable ties are detectable by nearly every metal detector in service today. Customers should test and calibrate their equipment to detect the smallest portion of a cable tie piece that they want to detect.

X-ray detection — Depending on the density of product being verified, Ty-Rap TyGenic antimicrobial detectable cable ties display a differential of between 200 and 2000 on the x-ray gray scale.

Visual detection — Visual detection systems detect surface irregularities and volume changes. The deep blue color of Ty-Rap TyGenic antimicrobial detectable cable ties helps to ensure easy visual detection.

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