We are thrilled to unveil a new era at Biben Sales. As we introduce our latest team member, Andrew Mullen, we ask all our customers to illuminate the path forward together.

Andrew Mullen: A Luminary in Expertise

Welcoming Andrew Mullen, Lighting & Specification Manager, adds a powerful layer of experience and innovation to our team. His proven track record and commitment to pushing the boundaries of lighting technology align seamlessly with the Biben Sales mission and values.

A Radiant Partnership with Manufacturers

We extend our gratitude for your ongoing trust to our esteemed existing partners. Together, we’ve achieved remarkable feats in lighting spaces, and our commitment to collaborative success remains unwavering.

To our new manufacturing partners, welcome aboard. We are excited to announce strategic collaborations with industry leaders:

  • ABB EX Solutions: Lighting hazardous locations.
  • Alphalite: Radiating brilliance with Linears, Downlights, and BAA Solutions.
  • ELA Lighting: Shaping architectural outdoor spaces with designs built to inspire.
  • Emergensee: Lighting the way for safe exits and egress.
  • Eralux: Illuminating spaces with Linears, Track, and Monopoint solutions.
  • ESL Vision: Spotlighting Maryland, DC, and Northern VA with lamps, drivers, retrofits, and indoor/outdoor fixtures.
  • ETI SSL: Bringing NightlightR, Undercabinet, Security, and more.
  • Helios Lighting: Radiating brilliance Downlights and Cylinders.
  • Keystone: Lighting the way with ballasts, tubes, lamps, and indoor/outdoor fixtures.
  • Lumenfocus: Brightening spaces with BAA/BABA solutions, indoor/outdoor fixtures, and high lumen offerings.
  • Lumenscape: Illuminating landscapes, paths, and accents.
  • Maverick Poles: Supporting area, high mast, and sportslighters with high-quality poles and mounting equipment.
  • Olympia Lighting: Powering LED retrofits, 480v solutions, high lumen fixtures, and UV disinfection.
  • Portor Lighting: Shining in with versatile indoor/outdoor fixtures, including the impressive Colossus Lighting.
  • Red Sky: Lighting up hazardous spaces.
  • Sunpark: Bringing light to multifamily spaces with close-to-ceiling solutions, bathroom fixtures, and sconces.
  • TPI: Illuminating docks.
  • XtraLight: Standing out with high lumen, made-to-order, and BAA-compliant offerings.

The geographic partnerships for each product line is listed in the Manufacturer section of our website

Our Vision for Illumination

As we embark on this luminous journey, we recommit to innovation, customization, and education. We are dedicated to providing fast, fair, and effective solutions to the marketplace. Together, we illuminate not just spaces but the future.

Thank you for considering the new lighting offerings from Biben Sales.


Bill Solomon, President, Biben Sales