Unveiling the Benefits of XHHW and Service Wire’s Industry-Leading ServicePRO-X

In the realm of electrical wiring, the choice of cable insulation can significantly impact the safety, durability, and overall performance of your installations. Two common insulation types, thermoplastic (THHN) and thermoset (XHHW), are widely used in the industry. However, when it comes to versatility, safety, and reliability, XHHW stands out as a superior choice, particularly when accompanied by the excellence of Service Wire’s ServicePRO-X product line.

XHHW vs. THHN: Understanding the Difference

To make informed decisions about your electrical projects, it’s essential to grasp the differences between XHHW and THHN.

  • THHN (Thermoplastic High Heat-Resistant Nylon) is a thermoplastic insulation characterized by a thinner PVC layer. While THHN is lighter and more cost-effective, it has certain shortcomings. For instance, the PVC insulation is more prone to current leakage and dielectric breakdown in demanding circuits or under exposure to environmental stressors. Furthermore, when exposed to fire, PVC emits toxic smoke. Its flexibility also declines at lower temperatures, limiting its use in various applications.
  • XHHW (Cross-Linked Polyethylene High Heat-Resistant), on the other hand, features thermoset insulation using crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) instead of PVC. This insulation type offers a wealth of advantages. XLPE is notably more resistant to chemicals, ozone, and abrasions, making it an excellent choice for environments with challenging conditions. Moreover, XHHW is less toxic when exposed to fire, which is a crucial safety consideration. It retains its flexibility even in cold temperatures and is especially beneficial in installations with complex, closely spaced bends.

The XHHW Advantage with Service Wire’s ServicePRO-X

ServicePRO-X by Service Wire is a game-changer in the world of electrical conductors. As the largest manufacturer of XLPE (crosslinked polyethylene) products in the USA, Service Wire brings unparalleled expertise and innovation to the table. Here are some key benefits of ServicePRO-X and why it outshines traditional THHN:

1. Superior Insulation: ServicePRO-X uses XLPE insulation, which boasts high resistance to chemicals, abrasions, and environmental stressors. This superior insulation is your assurance of safety and durability.

2. No Need for Pulling Lubricant: The slickness of ServicePRO-X’s insulation eliminates the need for additional pulling lubricant, saving you time and resources during installation.

3. Easy Stripping: Stripping ServicePRO-X conductors is effortless, akin to working with standard building wire. This ease of stripping doesn’t compromise on protection, ensuring your installations remain safe and reliable.

4. Dual Rating: ServicePRO-X is dual-rated for both 600V and 1kV applications, offering unparalleled versatility for a wide range of projects.

5. Hospital Grade Insulation: If you require low leakage insulation, ServicePRO-X delivers. This makes it the go-to choice for applications with stringent insulation requirements.

6. Vibrant Color Range: ServicePRO-X is available in a wide range of vibrant, industry-standard colors. This variety simplifies phase identification, reducing the risk of errors during installation.

7. Stocked in Various Configurations: ServicePRO-X is available in multiple configurations, including XHHW-2, USE-2, RW90, ServiceSolar PV Wire, and ServicePlex Prefab Twisted Single Conductors, ensuring it’s ready for your specific application.

Making the Safe and Smart Choice with ServicePRO-X

In today’s electrical industry, making the right choices is paramount. XHHW conductors, especially those offered by Service Wire under the ServicePRO-X brand, bring unparalleled advantages over traditional THHN. With superior insulation, easy handling, and the backing of the largest XLPE manufacturer in the USA, ServicePRO-X is the smart and safe choice for your electrical projects. It’s time to elevate your electrical installations with Service Wire’s XHHW solution.

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