ABB’s Color Keyed Compression Lugs: The Hexagonal Advantage

Are you in the market for copper compression lugs that go above and beyond? Look no further than ABB’s Color Keyed branded compression lugs. These aren’t your standard lugs; they’re engineered to excel, with a special focus on hexagonal compression.

The Hexagonal Edge: Unmatched Connectivity and Pull-Out Strength

What sets ABB’s Color Keyed lugs apart is their unwavering commitment to quality, especially through their hexagonal compression technique. Unlike the clamshell-style crimps offered by competitors, hexagonal compression creates a large area of high-pressure contact between the cable and the connector. This guarantees not only low resistance but also high pull-out values, ensuring superior connectivity. The Color Keyed method uses precision dies to form the stranded wire and connector into a solid mass, provide an optimum electrical bond between the connector and the conductor. These precision-hardened steel dies ensure uniform, controlled pressure on the connector and conductor, leading to superior conductivity and low resistance.

Size and Compatibility Matters

ABB’s Color Keyed lugs are designed for versatility, accommodating wire sizes from 10mm² to 400mm² for metric applications and #8 Str. to 1000 kcmil for high-voltage applications. Whether you need straight, 45°, or 90° angle lugs, ABB has you covered. Here’s where it gets even more remarkable: ABB’s Color Keyed lugs can help you achieve a UL crimp. By using ABB lugs, ABB dies, and even competitor tools like Greenlee, Milwaukee, and Burndy, you can produce crimps that meet UL requirements. This flexibility sets ABB apart in the industry.

Installation Width Advantage: Narrow Tongue Lugs

Let’s dive into a unique advantage of ABB’s Color Keyed lugs – the narrow tongue lugs. Their installation width is only limited by the width of the barrel and conductor. Competitors using clamshell compression dies often experience the barrel of the lug squeezing out, limiting the impact of the narrow tongue. With ABB, you can achieve precise connections in even the most confined spaces, without compromise.

Safety First with UL Certification

Copper tin-plated AWG compression lugs offered by ABB are ideal for power cables rated up to 35kV with high-voltage insulation. Safety features include hole inspection to ease installation control and a chamfer barrel to assist with installation work. Depending on your application, all ABB connectors meet industry standards such as UL Std. 486A, CSA Std. C22.2, and UL Std. 467. These connectors are designed for excellence and are offered in various sizes and styles to meet your specific needs.

Efficiency and Quality Combined

The Color Keyed system isn’t just about high performance; it’s also about efficiency. The color-coded method not only identifies the correct installing die but also indicates the proper placement of the die on the connector. This saves time and minimizes the chances of errors. ABB’s manual tools come with the exclusive Shure Stake mechanism, ensuring a full cycle compression stroke every time. With this feature, you can be confident in achieving a fully compressed connection. Plus, ABB offers electric and battery-powered hydraulic pumps that incorporate the Shure Stake feature for consistent results.

High-Quality Materials for High-Quality Connections

ABB is committed to using high-grade components for its Color Keyed connectors, made of high-conductivity wrought copper, electro-tin plated to prevent corrosion and improve conductivity. They offer the thickest tin plating in the industry. For heavy-duty applications, high-conductivity cast aluminum connectors are also available.

A Solution Beyond Ordinary

With ABB’s Color Keyed compression lugs, you’re not just getting a standard connector; you’re investing in a solution that exceeds expectations. Quality, innovation, efficiency, and flexibility come together to provide reliable connections with minimal effort. See the full ABB Color Keyed catalog for ABB’s standard offering, use the Lug Configurator tool to pick out a lug or request a custom make. ABB also offers a Lug Express program if you need lugs in a hurry. Ask your Biben Sales team member in Eastern PA, Southern NJ, DE, MD, DC, and Northern VA for more information.