Elevate Your Electrical Safety and Charging Experience with Leviton’s GUAC Combination Devices

In our increasingly connected world, where devices and appliances are integral to our daily lives, ensuring safety and convenience is paramount. Leviton, the most trusted name in electrical devices, has once again raised the bar with their innovative GUAC Combination Devices. These industry-leading devices integrate the safety of GFCI (Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter) protection with the convenience of USB charging, delivering a comprehensive solution for modern homes.

GUAC Devices: Safety and Charging Reinvented

Leviton’s GUAC devices are available in two variations: the GUAC1 and GUAC2, offering 15A and 20A ratings respectively. While they differ in amperage, both devices share a common goal — to provide a safer and more efficient electrical experience. Let’s explore the myriad benefits these devices bring to your home:

1. Code-Compliant GFCI Protection: Safety First

GFCI protection is essential in areas where electrical safety is critical. Kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor outlets are prime examples. GUAC Combination Devices ensure your home complies with electrical safety codes. They automatically monitor your power supply, conducting self-tests to confirm the availability of safe, protected power. If a problem is detected, the device takes necessary action — either denying power, tripping, or providing visual and audible alerts. Your home’s electrical safety is never compromised.

2. Ultra-Fast USB Charging: Power at Your Fingertips

In our modern lives, the demand for convenient charging solutions is ever-increasing. Leviton understands this need, and the GUAC devices come equipped with powerful USB charging capabilities. Featuring 24W (4.8A) Type A/C USB ports, these devices can quickly charge your devices, eliminating the need for bulky adapters and saving you valuable time.

3. Ideal for Residential Applications: Versatility Meets Safety

The GUAC devices are ideal for residential applications, catering to areas in your home that require GFCI protection. They’re perfect for spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, offering comprehensive safety while providing USB charging convenience. Their tamper-resistant shutters meet NEC® 406.12 requirements, enhancing child protection.

4. Superior Technology: Self-Testing and Enhanced Immunity

Leviton’s GUAC devices feature self-test technology, ensuring they meet the latest UL standards for auto-monitoring. These devices conduct automatic internal tests to confirm the availability of protected power, going the extra mile to secure your home’s safety. They also exhibit improved immunity to high-frequency noise, reducing nuisance tripping and ensuring a reliable electrical experience.

5. Compatibility and Durability: High Standards Guaranteed

Leviton’s commitment to quality is evident in the GUAC devices. They provide not only enhanced electrical safety but also efficient charging. These devices are designed to meet the latest UL and CSA requirements, ensuring top-notch performance. They’re compatible with various USB devices and are built to withstand over 10,000 insertions, assuring you of their durability.

6. Customizable to Your Style: Variety of Colors

Your home’s aesthetics matter. Leviton understands this, offering the GUAC devices in white, light almond, and black, allowing you to match your electrical outlets with your décor.

7. Peace of Mind: Safety and Charging, in One Device

The GUAC Combination Devices from Leviton are designed to provide you with peace of mind. They seamlessly integrate the safety of GFCI protection with the convenience of fast, efficient USB charging. Whether you need to power up your devices in the kitchen, bathroom, or any other space requiring GFCI protection, the GUAC devices are your trusted partners.

Use Cases: Where the GUAC Devices Shine

  1. Kitchen: Ensure the safety of your kitchen appliances while charging your devices, making meal prep even more convenient.
  2. Bathroom: Have your devices charged and ready while maintaining a safe electrical environment.
  3. Home Spa: Enjoy a relaxing spa experience while staying charged and safe.
  4. Residential Spaces: Anywhere GFCI protection is required in residential spaces, GUAC Combination Devices offer an optimal solution.

In summary, Leviton’s GUAC Combination Devices are more than just electrical outlets; they’re a testament to Leviton’s commitment to safety, convenience, and innovation. By combining GFCI protection with powerful USB charging, Leviton provides an integrated solution for the modern home, enhancing electrical safety and charging efficiency. With their variety of use cases and top-tier technology, GUAC devices are set to become an essential component of the modern home, offering the safety and convenience you deserve.

Ready to upgrade your home’s electrical safety and charging capabilities? Explore the GUAC Combination Devices from Leviton, and experience the future of electrical solutions. Your home deserves the best in safety and convenience, and Leviton delivers precisely that with the GUAC devices. Learn more on Leviton’s product bulletin or reach out to your Biben Sales contact in MD, DC, Northern VA, or DE for a hands on demo.