ESL Vision’s DDSK Decorative Disk Series: Where Aesthetics Meets Efficiency

When lighting meets innovation, magic happens. ESL Vision’s DDSK Decorative Disk Series exemplifies this enchanting combination with its slender, low-profile design and cutting-edge features that redefine your lighting experience.

Stylishly Slim & Incredibly Compact

Standing at a mere 1″ in height, the DDSK series doesn’t just illuminateyour space; it adds an element of sleek, modern aesthetics. Its slim profile enhances the decor of any room without sacrificing performance.

Sizes for Every Space

ESL Vision understands that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why the DDSK series is available in four sizes: 5″ (11W), 7″  (14W), 9″ (20W), and 11″ (25W) all in both Round and Square. Now, you can choose the perfect fixture for your space’s unique requirements.

Easy Installation and Versatile Application

Fitting a 3″ or 4″ j-box, these fixtures offer a straightforward installation process. They can be easily surface-mounted, making them adaptable to various setups. Wet location rated and T24 compliant, the DDSK series is suited to different environments.

Edge-Lit Brilliance

The DDSK series utilizes an edge-lit light design, incorporating a combination of reflectors and light pattern disks. This ingenious approach produces an even and consistent wash of light, ensuring optimal light distribution. A glare control diffuser further softens light and reduces harsh glare, contributing to a comfortable and visually pleasing environment.

ESL Vision’s DDSK Decorative Disk Series transcends traditional lighting, combining elegance with technological excellence. Experience lighting that’s not just practical but also a design statement. Elevate your space’s ambiance and efficiency with DDSK – it’s more than just light; it’s innovation personified.

Emergency Backup in a Low-Profile Package

Introducing a remarkable feature – LED lighting and optional emergency backup, all housed within the same low-profile casing. ESL Vision ensures that even in power outages, your lighting remains consistent and doesn’t disrupt the room’s aesthetic charm. With up to 90 minutes of available backup power, you’ll have peace of mind.

24-Hour Self-Recharging Capability

One remarkable feature is the 24-hour self-recharging capability. This ensures that your fixtures are always ready, minimizing maintenance concerns. So, whether you’re at home or in a commercial setting, your lighting is never compromised.

1-Second Switching Time for On-Demand Lighting

Need immediate light? The DDSK series delivers with its 1-second switching time to emergency mode. Your lighting adjusts as swiftly as your needs change.

Safety First: Test Button and Self-Checking Function

Only in the 7″ and 9″ models, you’ll find a test button and self-checking function. These features offer additional safety and peace of mind, particularly in larger spaces.


Contact your Biben Sales associate in MD, DC, and Northern VA to see how ESL Vision can bring this lighting masterpiece to your projects where aesthetics meet cutting-edge functionality.