MGM – Medium Voltage Dry Transformers

MGM Transformer Company has been a reliable source for quality dry-type substation transformers for over two decades. These transformers are safe, convenient, and environmentally sound, making them an ideal choice for various indoor and outdoor applications in schools, hospitals, industrial plants, and commercial buildings.

One of the main benefits of dry-type transformers is that they use no insulating liquids, which virtually eliminates the risk of local environment contamination and simplifies routine maintenance by eliminating the need to check, replace, or clean liquid. This makes them a cost-effective solution, and insurance companies generally offer lower premiums for installations of dry-types than for liquid-filled transformers.

MGM’s dry-type substation transformers come in a wide range of specifications

  1. Voltages ranging from 5kV to 34.5kV
  2. Power ratings from 225kVA to 10,000kVA
  3. Temperature insulation ratings of 150°C / 115°C / 80°C and 220°C.
  4. Indoor and outdoor rated
  5. Meets ANSI standard/special BIL levels.
  6. More customizable options to meet any needs!

Additionally, MGM maintains a large engineering staff and has experience in working with various switchgear manufacturers, enabling them to design the high voltage/low voltage switchgear interface, assuring the proper match in the field. They also offer flex connectors to ensure easy installation.

All of MGM’s dry-type substation transformers are manufactured on-premises, ensuring high-quality control and efficient processes. The coils are vacuum-pressure impregnated (VPI) with solventless polyester resin, ensuring complete impregnation of the windings and insulation. The finished VPI coils are incredibly strong, readily dissipate heat and are protected against moisture, dirt, and most industrial contaminants.

Please read more about MGM’s MV dry type offering one MGM’s website, or reach out to your Biben Sales associate for more information or a quote on your next dry-type transformer project.